Chewelah Peak Learning Center

Field trip to Chewelah Peak Learning Center


Students in Friday School went on an exciting field trip to Chewelah Peak Learning Center on May 15 and 16. After a 3 hour bus ride, we arrived at the beautiful campus and set our belongings in the dormitory. Then we were off to lunch at the dining hall. Everyone was anxious to begin our activities and soon after lunch, we went on a 3 mile hike with campus director, Patrick Sawyer. We learned to identify different trees along the way and enjoyed being outside on a warm, spring afternoon.

After our hike, Bill Barnes met with us to do some team building activities. Students had to learn to work together and listen to their team mates. This was more challenging than expected, but we managed to meet our goal. That evening after dinner, we played basketball and Frisbee and sat around the campfire eating Smores and listening to music.


The next morning we did some leadership surveys to see what kind of leaders we had in our group. The results were very interesting. We learned that there are 4 types of leaders and that it is good to have a variety of leadership styles in any group. Then we were off to the Challenge Course, but before we could do any challenge activities, we had to prove that we could trust each other and would be there to support each other.


The Challenge Course was super fun. Students had to problem solve and work together to complete the tasks which included climbing a cable spool that was elevated several feet off the ground, walking a tight rope 3 feet off the ground, and walking on a set of 5 different cables that were attached to trees. By the end we managed to get at least one of the team to the finish line after helping each other along and supporting each other. Then off to lunch and onto the bus to return home. Our adventure to Chewelah Peak was fun and engaging as well as a learning experience we will never forget.



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