Food Allergy Procedure


Parent or Guardian, if your student has a food allergy please notify the school by contacting any of the following district personnel: kitchen staff, office secretary, school nurse or district office.

1. The request from the Parent or Guardian regarding a food allergy will be given to the School Nurse and the Kitchen Supervisor in writing, phone call or email the day received. The date the information was given will be put on the request.

2. The Request for Special Dietary Accommodations form will be given to the Parent/Guardian the day of the request to be filled out and signed by a State-Recognized Medical Authority along with the Food Allergy Procedure. They will have 90 calendar days to send back a signed form. If the form is not retuned within 90 calendar days the School Nurse will send a letter out stating that the student will be removed from the food allergy list in 10 calendar days.

3. If the signed Special Dietary Accommodation’s form is not returned in the 10 calendar days, the food allergy alert on the student record will be removed by the Kitchen Supervisor and a letter will be sent out notifying the parent/guardian by the Kitchen Supervisor of the removal.

4. The Food Allergy request will be put on the computer on the Meal Program by the Kitchen Supervisor the day the request is made regardless of the form and the designated kitchen will be informed of the food allergy request.

5. If there are questions regarding a qualifying allergy that the School Nurse or the Kitchen Supervisor cannot answer they will contact the OSPI specialist within 5 working days and the parent/guardian will be contacted with the response.

6. If the Parent or Guardian disputes the finding of what qualifies as a food allergy they will have 30 days to file a hearing with the Food Allergy committee at the Tonasket School District which will consist of the School Nurse, Kitchen Supervisor and the section 504 Supervisor. The dispute must be in writing and sent to the Tonasket School District Office at 35 DO Hwy 20 E Tonasket, WA 98855

7. A meeting with the Parent or Guardian and the Food Allergy Committee will be within 15 working days of the date on the written dispute. The Kitchen Supervisor will set up the meeting with all parties. The Parent or Guardian may have a lawyer present during the meeting.

8. The Food Allergy Committee will decide within 15 working days and will send a letter to the Parent/Guardian with the decision.

9. This information regarding the Food Allergies Procedures and the Request for Special Dietary Accommodations form will be posted on the Tonasket School District website and copies are available if requested.

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