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Libraries and Student Achievement


A significant amount of research since 1990 shows a positive relationship between school libraries and student achievement. Many research studies from various states show validation that a school library program which is adequately staffed, resourced, and funded can lead to higher student achievement regardless of the socio-economic or educational levels of the community.


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Information Literacy


What is Information Literacy?
Information Literacy is the ability to recognize what information is needed, understand how it is organized, recognize excellent sources of information, locate sources, critically evaluate sources, and communicate the information. Information Literacy is the demonstration of research techniques.


Why is Information Literacy important?
Information literacy is important because there is so much information out there in a variety of formats. Some information is factual, current, and reliable. Some information is misleading, out of date, or untrue. Because the amount of information available is ever increasing, the technology used to gather information is constantly changing.


How will students use Information Literacy?
Information literacy skills in school are used for activities such as conducting research. In the work place, information literacy is needed to find, evaluate, use and share information. This is an essential skill. These skills are critical for consumers. Students will also need these skills to participate in a democratic society as an informed citizen to understand issues and for the purpose of voting.


Development of Information Literacy skills is critical our children. Mrs. Fitzthum takes the commitment to teach these skills very seriously.


Librarian Duties

  • Information Technology Instruction
  • Reading Advocacy
  • Information Management and Services

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