HS Counseling Center

The primary focus of the Tonasket High School career and counseling program is to ensure that opportunities are provided for students in the educational and career areas. Students are supported in academic achievements, high school and college planning, and personal growth. Supportive and preventative counseling is an integral part of the total educational curriculum and is directed towards meeting student learning needs.

Contact Information

Jody Evans
HS Counselor
(509) 486-2161
[email protected]

Jennifer Steinshouer
MS Counselor
(509) 486-2147
[email protected]

Kristi Hutchins
HS Counseling Secretary
(509) 486-2161
[email protected]

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We credential with the Global Seal of Biliteracy.

The Global Seal of Biliteracy is an international credential that conveys proficiency with language skills in two or more languages for our qualifying candidates. This credential offers a competitive advantage for bilingual individuals by helping them earn scholarships, higher pay, advanced placement, increased study abroad opportunities and so much more. The Global Seal is and will be FREE for all.

To learn more about the Global Seal of Biliteracy visit their website at www.theglobalseal.com.