Information About Enrollment

 Enrollment Process


Interested in enrollment in The Tonasket Choice High School?

Here is the process:

  1. Parent/guardian: contact Mrs. Katie Walker at the Tonasket High School 
    1. Tonasket High School Office (509) 486-2161
    2. Be prepared to give some information about why you would like your child to attend TCHS
    3. If Mrs. Walker is not available, please leave a voicemail
  2. Students: Make an appointment with Kristi Hutchins to talk to Mrs. Walker, fill out the enrollment questionnaire, and you must also have your parents’/guardians’ support
  3. Your requests are brought to a committee called CST (The Child Study Team)
  4. CST looks at each student and decides whether placement in Choice High School or the Outreach Program is the most beneficial option for that student
  5. The CST meets once every two weeks, on Wednesdays. As long as any required paperwork is filled out, CST will consider your request at its next scheduled meeting.
    1. If CST approves your request you will receive a call from a teacher at Choice High School to set up a meeting to discuss your enrollment
    2. If CST denies your request, Mrs. Walker or Kristi Hutchins will contact you and let you know
  6. If you have been approved, Chelsea will set up a final meeting with you to:
    1. Present general information about the program
    2. Give parents/guardians and students a chance to ask any questions they have about the program
    3. Make the final decision about whether Choice High School is right for the student and the student is right for the school

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