Who Are We?

Who Are We

Tonasket Choice High School

Who Are We?



The Choice High School has been a part of the Tonasket School District since it opened in 1995. At its start, the program was developed by cooperation between parents, the community and the school district to meet the needs of a number of high school aged children who had dropped out of school. It has evolved over the years to serve students with a wide range of needs and backgrounds.

School Operation and Requirements for Students:

TCHS typically enrolls between 25 and 30 students at a time. We employ two educators full time, a certificated, highly qualified “lead teacher” and a para-professional. These two educators work together as a team to provide high quality, individualized courses for small classes of mixed grades (9-12). Courses at TCHS are designed to meet all District and State learning requirements. Students in enrolled in TCHS must pass all the same state exams and meet the same graduation requirements as regular high school students. In fact, students who graduate from TCHS earn a diploma that says, “Tonasket High School.”


Who Are Our Students?


There is no one kind of “Choice School Student.” We see every student as an individual who has specific strengths and deficits to be welcomed and addressed. 
-       Students who may have social anxiety

-       Students whose skill deficits are too great to be addressed in a typical classroom and require an increased amount of one-on-one help

-       Students who need more time and support to meet their learning goals

-       Students who have attendance issues and need a more flexible schedule or plan to help them stay caught up

-       Students who are behind on their credits and want a way to take one or more extra courses

Benefits for Students:

Nearly all students who enroll in TCHS see great improvements in their reading, writing and math skills. For most students, the extra attention and care they receive at school translates quickly to higher grades, a more positive attitude about school and ultimately, graduation. Many students describe the atmosphere in our building as “like a family.” Students report feeling “safe and comfortable.” We like to feel that we have found a great balance of meeting learning requirements and the ability to play, smile and laugh every day.

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