Levels Program


Tonasket Choice High School – Levels Program

What is the Levels Program?

 The Levels Program is a positive behavior rewards system designed to let students know we recognize their efforts and achievements. There are six levels and each level comes with its own rewards and/or privileges.

 The different rewards change each year, depending on what things the students wish to work towards. For example, this year students receive a snack card at Level 2. Their snack card entitles them to receive a total of 10 snacks at a date and time of their choice (as long as it does not interfere with class). The most exciting reward, a multi-day field trip, is earned by reaching Level 5.

 How do you go up in Levels?


 Students receive “dollars” for completing weekly work goals, attending class every day on-time, having a positive attitude about self or school, and by doing kind or helpful things for others. Each year students create the design for the dollars as part of art class and then we vote on the best design. When a student earns $75 they turn it in to “the bank” and level up.

 Each time a student levels up they also earn a raffle ticket. We do a raffle for small prizes about every other month or so.

 The Levels, privileges, field trips and raffle all work to give students a real, tangible reward system they can relate to . . . And it’s fun!

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